Sunday, March 13, 2005

Customer Service

Ever have one of those Customer Service days? Seems to me as if they are becoming more abundant lately... The more companies push for the golden earnings nickel, their focus on the customer becomes worse and worse...

GREAT Customer Service: My birthday dinner in Charlotte with some good friends, my lovely lady at my favorite restaurant The Capital Grille - one of the best tables, birthday decor, free sampling of deserts, and superb service. They actually took time to make the night memorable, - and I rewarded them for their efforts.

TERRIBLE Customer Service: I waited on hold 25 minutes with Orbitz tonight, was passed through to an agent, who then proceeded to put me on hold again for another 10 minutes, before she came back on and accidentally cut the call off. Even worse, I called back and was put on hold again for 20 minutes - and... to top it off, their wonderful partner airline even gave *me* the $100 change fee award for getting on a 5:45AM flight with only 4 seats sold.

I guess I won in both situations ;-)


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