Monday, May 16, 2005

False starts...

Tried to post a couple of times last week, but became a bit frustrated when I went to publish – only to see an error screen and my post wiped out :-(

So, - had a long week last week. A few 18 hour (one was around 20 I think!) days, but all well worth it.

One nice thing about my current job that I’ve began to realize is that we work with a lot of *smart* people! Some of the discussions that I’ve had lately with customers, prospective customers and our own employees have absolutely blown me away. The high-tech space certainly breeds some smart cookies!

Had a great weekend and the weather actually took a turn for the better with Saturday being a picture perfect day! We did a bit of auto racing (won our qualifying race and had a DNF in the feature event due to a faulty spark plug), worked on the house and enjoyed the weather.

Off to DC tomorrow for the day and will spend an unusual amount of time in office or in my home office this week actually trying to catch up :-)!


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