Friday, May 20, 2005

Identity theft in taxi cabs...

Because I travel so much and am often behind on expense reports, I strongly prefer to use my credit card for all transactions, including taxi transportation. I did have an enlightening conversation the other night though with a Boston Cabbie who gave me a few tips to follow:

1) Only use your credit card with a cab service who "swipes" the card electronically in the cab - or who calls your number into their home base

2) If the driver uses a paper/carbon receipt - always ask them who processes the transactions. What the driver told me was that a lot of operators will take the receipts to a processing service center, and you as the consumer have no guarantee on who and how the transaction gets processed.

3) Keep good track of when and where you use the card and watch for fraudulent transactions.

Upon hearing this, I will certainly be a bit more careful since I tend to use my card everywhere!

Other than that - we're getting ready up here in the Northeast for what seems like the 20th weekend in a row of potential rain. The forecast was beautiful all week, - now today it says 50% chance of rain. I guess my "glass half empty" side comes out when it comes to the weather lately!

Have a great weekend.


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