Monday, May 02, 2005

We Are Experiencing An Increased Call Volume At The Moment

I would like a dollar for every time I've heard this over the past few months. Airlines, PayPal, Microsoft, Travel Services, the DMV (of course!) -- just about anyone with an automated recording.

To me, this means "we have cut, the customer will now have to wait longer...but to be polite, we'll tell you the same thing everyone else is telling you...'we are experiencing an increased call volume.'...we'll also direct you to our website, which will not be the least bit helpful, but if you figure out how to use it, you'll save us money because it costs us 1/10th the cost of a full time person to maintain the site..."

Give me a break! I'd rather be told by the phone system -- "your wait time will be 12 minutes," or even 35 minutes for that matter! That way, I can at least try to plan when I should call back, or I can do something else while on hold.

On the road again this week -- 16 meetings in 3 days (T, W, TH). Should be a fun one!

More to come soon...


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