Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Off and running on another week...

Another busy week on tap after a wonderful weekend with my lovely girlfriend, Cara, in the Adirondack Mountains and racing in the Greater Buffalo area - off to Washington tomorrow, and will be flying for the first time out of Bradley International with our recent move to Sturbridge. Installed my wireless hub tonight... - they keep making these things easier and easier to use and install. Within 4 minutes I was online.

Between having wireless at home and a technology that we use from Cisco called SoftPhone - I can be "in the office" at just about any time. The SoftPhone technology is awesome and I have had very few problems with the quality so far. Basically - we installed some software on my laptop and I have a phone extension that can be dialed through 4 digits internally and allows me to make endless outbound calls to anywhere. I've been reading a number of interesting articles lately that say that phone companies will not be able to charge anything for long distance within 5 years or less...


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