Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ok, I am back

Yesterday was one helluva day. I left Boston at 8AM, arrived in Denver at 10:20 MST, left Denver at 7PM MST, and was delayed in the air - arriving in Washington at 2AM, and not to bed until 3:45AM, up at 7AM again today. Thank God for Starbucks and Iced Tea :-)

I started reading an extremely interesting book called "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference" - it is a thrilling and refreshing look at how ideas, messages, viruses, diseases, etc. "spread" as epidemics throughout a culture.

The author - Malcolm Galdwell, writes: "The best way to understand the dramatic transformation of unknown books into bestsellers, or the rise of teenage smoking, or the phenomena of word of mouth or any number of the other mysterious changes that mark everyday life is to think of them as epidemics. Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do."

Applying this to the software business - you often see companies who have built the most successful "viral" community as the ones who succeed. Systinet is a great example of that phenomenon -- the company has built its business from the ground up, based upon building great technology, making it easily accessible to the development audience and building a tremendous community and brand around its products.

I read 60 pages in one sitting, so that is saying something!


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