Thursday, June 23, 2005

Word of the day -- Maven

Busy working on closing out our quarter here at Systinet - which looks to be another great one! My travels this week have brough me from Massachusetts to Washington, DC and back - and managed to fit in another 22 hour work day on Tuesday. It's amazing how 190 e-mails can amass between 3PM and 8PM in one day!

In reading The Tipping Point, Galdwell uses the word "Maven" quite a bit - as to describe those who are the first to pick up new trends and start these "epidemics" as he calls them.

It's my word of the day today:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A maven is an expert in a particular field, usually one who is self-appointed and who seeks to pass his knowledge on to others.

The word comes from the Yiddish meyvn (מבֿין), with the same meaning, which in turn derives from the Hebrew mayveen, meaning to understand. It was first recorded in English around 1952, and popularised in the 1960s by a series of commercials for Vita Herring created by Martin Solow, featuring "The Beloved Herring Maven."
Since the 1980s it has become more common since William Safire adopted it to describe himself ("the language maven").


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