Monday, July 25, 2005

Projects galore

Spent the weekend working on the house, took a trip to the race track (finished a dismal 9th out of 24) and then took a wonderful ride on our little boat with my lovely girlfriend, our puppies and my brother, Todd, on Sunday. Today, I flew from Boston to Long Beach, stopped and had dinner with a friend in Oceanside and am attending the NCOIC conference in San Diego tomorrow and have a client meeting late tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday, I'm flying back to Boston for a dinner meeting in the city with some clients who are in town.

Other than that, we have a number of projects going on at Systinet as we continue to evolve into new and exciting technologies in the SOA space. The "killer applications" of SOA that companies such as Systinet develop that account for SOA Governance, Lifecycle Management, Contract Management, and so on, will continuously assist customers in recognizing ROI from their SOA initiatives.

More to come later this week...


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