Monday, September 12, 2005

Hw r u? Wht z ur pref? - The topic of Internet shorthand...

Is Internet shorthand appropriate for formal e-mail correspondence? Instant messenger (IM) conversations? Notes to friends or close colleagues?

This topic has sparked interest amongst the academic and business communities alike:

My personal thoughts on this topic...

If you're communicating with someone of rank or superiority, communicating with someone you don't know, communicating with a customer or partner, communicating with an elder or communicating on a formal topic -- Internet shorthand is not appropriate. If you're communicating with a colleague, a friend, a family member - and you have established the informal "contract" that Internet shorthand is OK -- go ahead and use to your heart's content...
At this point, for me - personally - it is easier for me to electronically write a note that is grammatical and structured well and comprehensive than it is to do the same thing on a piece of paper, so I will take the route of sticking to my proper grammar.

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