Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Wow, - I never thought that I would go this long without updating my blog. In fact, I didn’t even realize how long it had been until some colleagues and friends started hounding me to post again!

Here’s an interesting topic. The world is greedy – and how can we ever continue this pace?Great example. This past weekend, I took my family (Cara and our two puppies) in our motorhome to a local/regional auto racing event. Even though it rained all weekend, we still had a great time, - along with probably 700-800 other motorhomes/campers, etc that absolutely filled the parking lot. It likely cost all of these people somewhere between $200-$500 just to get to the track, pay for fuel, food & drink for the weekend, and so on. On top of that, the prices for the event increased – in ONE year – from $50 for the weekend to $75. A 50% increase! We started talking about it – and it’s ludicrous to think about how the average family could even afford to attend an event like this… Are the owners of this event taking advantage of a devoted fan base?

Second example – gas prices. Gas prices have almost DOUBLED in the past 12 months. Let me tell you, it hasn’t seemed to affect those pumps from flowing one bit. In fact, every time I go to the gas station now, I seem to wait longer in line than ever… How can a good that is vital to the survival of our society increase 50% in price literally overnight and barely affect travel habits or the economy? It is quite astonishing to me…

Third example – college tuition. Are the costs of operation 2X what they were 10 years ago at a good school? The tuition certainly is! How will the average family afford to put 2 kids through school at $300,000 a piece (the likely cost!) in 5-7 years from now?

Last example – professional sports. The owners and leagues -- NOT the players -- are driving the cost of professional sports out of this hemisphere. Why do I say this? Number one – the players are smart. They ask, and they receive. The owners and leagues are greedy. They just keep letting the same phenomenon happen year after year without putting any reasonable regulations on common salary practices. You know who pays for this all? We do. I can’t go to a professional Hockey or Basketball game for the evening for under $200. The ticket prices are outrageous ($50-$75), it’s now $8 for a sandwich that costs them 75 cents, and it’s now $6 for a beer that costs them less than 15 cents.

The question I keep asking myself is how long can this continue and will it ever stop?


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