Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Crazy time....

Between Christmas, work, travel, home and hobbies - it's left little time for anything else the past few weeks!

I spent a few days earlier this week before jumping back on the road for work enjoying our new 2006 BMW 5 series that I picked up over last weekend. What a beautiful car -- it has all of the amenities that a modern day car should have and drives/handles better than anything I have ever driven.

I also just purchased a new Dell computer for my parents and family. I'm absolutely amazed how the price of Desktops has decreased over the past few years. You can buy a fully loaded Dell with 512MB of RAM, 160GB of disk space, 17" flat screen LCD monitor and free shipping for under $600! Plus the Dell customer service folks were second to none.

A bad customer service experience that I've had recently was with Independence Air. It's no wonder why these guys are going under in such a short time. I've flown them 30+ times, and for some reason, - moreso recently than ever, they cannot board on time, leave on time, arrive on time, or get just about anything right... Buyer beware.

It's also the end of our quarter, which is always an interesting, stressful, sleepless time! That said, Systinet continues to execute flawlessly...

Happy Holidays.


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